North Carolina unveils David Thompson statue outside Reynolds Stadium

        Former Wolfpack basketball great David Thompson is officially memorialized in front of Reno Arena. North Carolina State University dedicated a statue to him today.
        Skywalker saw his 44-inch vertical jump immortalized for the first time. Today we unveiled a new statue honoring legend David Thompson outside Reno Stadium. 
        The base height is 44 inches because that’s obvious. In this pose, Thompson is shown at the top of his jump, preparing for an alley jump, a move he is famous for because he can jump forever and also because diving is prohibited. 
        David Thompson was banned from throwing in college, which remains one of the biggest sports crimes in America. Someone should look at him in his first game and say, “We need to change this rule immediately.”
       NC State also released a video highlighting DT’s career with commentary from Len Elmore and Bill Walton, two great players who unfortunately… hindered his development.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023