Garden wind kinetic sculpture

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As an improvement to the sculpture with a pneumatic device, the pneumatic device itself is a sculptural body.

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Item No  TYSW-02
Material  stainless steel 316L
Size  diameter 250cm
Thickness  2mm
Delivery  10 days
Technique  stamping

About The garden wind kinetic sculpture

The breeze can make the wind sculpture products rotate rhythmically and regularly, making the whole stainless steel dynamic sculpture more mechanically beautiful. Under normal circumstances, the wind sculpture itself will be equipped with a driving force device to provide the wind sculpture with a continuous rotation in the absence of wind and continuous kinetic energy to the wind sculpture.

Application Of garden wind kinetic sculpture

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The pneumatic device includes a chassis, a central shaft is fixed on the chassis, a rotatable shaft sleeve is sleeved on the central shaft through a bearing, an inner bracket extending radially outward is fixed on the shaft sleeve, and the outer end of the inner bracket is fixed in a circular shape. On the outer bracket, the outer bracket is fixed with densely clothed fan blades.
After the sculpture with the wind-driven device is installed and used, no matter the wind blows from any direction, the wind blades facing this direction drive the outer bracket, the inner bracket and the bushing to rotate around the central axis, so that all the wind blades are cycled in turn. Driven by the wind to rotate around the central axis, the shape composed of the wind blades can be rotated under the action of the wind. The ro

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