European Courtyard Garden House Decoration Large Size Roman Columns Marble Stone Gazebo with Iron Dome

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This stunning gazebo is carved from pristine white marble in the classic Greek style. The gazebo is one of the most eye-catching decorations in the outdoor park. The marble gazebo is hand carved with different numbers of pillars as support. The material is natural white marble which can resist cold and heat. If you want it, please feel free to contact us for more information and quotation.

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About The Garden Marble Gazebo

Hand carved luxury giant big size garden ornament sculpture stone gazebos polished white marble pavilion are increasingly popular for their ornamental and practical use, making them a sight to see in gardens, parks or in your own yard. People can have a rest in it.

The material is natural white marble. The dome is metal material. As we all know, marble is a very good carving material, very suitable for architectural decoration and sculpture production. Natural marble, highlight noble and elegant. Natural veins make your marble gazebo unique in the world. So it's very suitable for making outdoor gazebos for garden decoration. The pillars are polished and smooth which looks simple and modern. The metal dome protects against rain. The dome design is hollow iron roof  with full coverage metal shed roof, two layers of dome. This design is both beautiful and shade from the sun and rain, very practical.

The characteristics of the large size outdoor marble pavilion:

  1. Different from other gazebos with 6 or 8 pillars, there are total 12 pillars to support the marble arbor beam.
  2. The gazebo is shaped beam, not pure round or square, which is more artistic.
  3. There are also balustrade as bench for people to sit
  4. The dome of the pavilion is impervious to rain


different kinds of marble gazebo (5)
Cheap Cost Of Marble Gazebo
different kinds of marble gazebo

These are cheap simple classic stone granite gazebos with 6 columns. This round shape marble gazebo is the most classic and simple design with 6 pillars as support and iron roof above. Usually, there are 6 pillars on the simple gazebos . The pillars can have carvings or no carvings, and there are many types of carvings on the pillars, such as spiricle, vertical bar, grapes, flowers, etc. There are many different models of marble carved backyard pavilions. But they usually have one thing in common, that’s metal roof on top.

Cheap Price Roman Column Garden Pavilion Stone Marble Gazebo (2)

We can make metal dome for the garden marble gazebo. We have different metal roof options for customers.

Below are some common used metal dome roof for stone pavilion. We can also customize the dome and marble gazebo as your request.

dome roof for marble gazebo

More Designs Of Marble Gazebo Garden Ornaments

Tengyun Carving is the manufacturer of kinds of sculptures and stone products. We have different styles of stone gazebos for sale. Our engravers carved them out with excellent engraving techniques. Six columns, eight columns or more columns to support the round roof. We can make suitable popular gazebo with pillars based on your installing site. We can also customize outdoor garden marble or granite gazebo based on your need.

Tengyun On-Site Installation Project Show

>>>Project 1:

marble gazebo installation

>>>Project 2:


Tengyun Carving Gazebo Project:

Technique: Hand Carved

Material: Natural White Marble

Dimensions: 10m*20m

Roof: Metal Roof

Right picture is the gazebo on trial at our factory


Large size marble gazebo sculpture outdoor stone pavilion (2)
marble gazebo installation (2)
Large size marble gazebo sculpture outdoor stone pavilion (3)
marble gazebo installation (1)


On-site installation. Our workers went to the installation site to install the marble gazebo.

large size marble gazebo

CAD Drawing:



marble gazebo design-Tengyun Carving (1)
green marble gazebo
marble gazebo design-Tengyun Carving (2)

3D Drawing:

Whether it is stone carving pavilion or pavilion roof top can be customized, we accept material customization, size customization, modeling customization, that is, can be customized according to your ideas, bold to say your ideas.

As the professional 31 years manufacturer, we have experienced design team. We can also do CAD drawing and 3D drawing for you.

Tengyun Marble Gazebo Project

We can also carve luxury garden gazebo in any size as your request. Luxury gazebos usually use figure statues instead simple columns as support. This kind of stone outdoor gazebos are also have have many designs, for example 6 female statues as support, 8 figure statues as support and figure statues and columns together serve as a support pavilions.

Large size marble gazebo sculpture outdoor stone pavilion (1)
marble gazebo outdoor decoration

If you need any marble pavilion or sculptures, contact us now. We have different outdoor gazebos in stock with different diameter, here you can choose the one that suits you.

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